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B1 – Continuous quality improvement

In each of our global locations, BME Consulting is dedicated to developing and improving our service continuously in line with customer needs to ensure a consistent quality of service.

We operate a rolling quality program to continually assess the performance of our candidates and compliance with our clients’ requirements.

Performance programs are created to ensure that we measure satisfaction against those service attributes that the client views as critical to their business performance.

Measuring client satisfaction is an integral aspect of this process and allows for 360-degree feedback on performance.

We evaluate our clients’ satisfaction through review meetings.

Local BME Consulting consultants responsible for the contract will undertake scheduled meetings with your local end user.

These meetings are designed to review daily working, any changes in requirements, planned/unplanned absences, operational matters requiring immediate attention and any other information to ensure the smooth running of the contract.

A formal monthly contract review meeting is also undertaken to review the previous month and focus on the key priorities for the coming months.

The development of a strong, open and honest working relationship between BME Consulting and your contract team will be crucial to the success of the contract.

This meeting structure is also supported by the regular reporting of a comprehensive set of service levels, mutually agreed by your company and BME Consulting.

BME Consulting employs Total Quality Management / Continuous improvement principles.

It is BME Consulting’s policy to provide a standard of service to both clients and staff that represents a benchmark for the procurement services industry.

This is achieved through the consistent application of all our proprietary systems and procedures collectively known as the Quality Management System.

As part of our partnering approach, we would want to align our quality system so that it serves your requirements as closely as we can to your current quality accreditation.

We are continually working to achieve full ISO 9001 / 9002 status in countries not yet accredited to ensure our high-quality standards are maintained on a global basis.

Our quality assurance systems are built around five key procedures that ensure that clients and staff receive a comprehensive service of the highest quality.

Quality systems are under constant review to identify opportunities for improvement at all levels.

B2 – Review of Quality Systems

The purpose of this procedure is to define how the BME Consulting Quality System is regularly and systematically reviewed.

Our Quality Manager and Operational Managers conduct reviews every six months.

The following items are reviewed leading to a series of action points:

  • The internal audit results.
  • The effectiveness of any corrective actions.
  • The effectiveness of the quality systems.
  • Opportunities to improve quality systems and service levels in line with customer requirements.

Internal Quality Audit

The purpose of this procedure is to define methods for the regular internal quality audits of all elements of the BME Consulting Quality System.

All areas covered by the Quality Management System are audited on a yearly basis.

Any non-conformities are reported to the Quality and Operational Managers for supervision of corrective actions.

Control of paperwork and Manuals

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the maintenance and control of documentation within BME Consulting.

This systematic process ensures the maintenance and control of all documentation, which affects service quality.

All documents, templates and electronic manuals are updated, controlled and disposed of following strict guidelines with particular care taken to confidential documentation.

Solving Problems and preventing their recurrence

The purpose of this procedure is to define the responsibilities and activities for corrective action within BME Consulting.

BME Consulting managers are responsible for implementing any corrective and preventive actions, which are reviewed and signed off by a BME Consulting manager.

All such actions are implemented within 20 days of audit or identification of the problem.

Client/Employee Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to define the system for processing and analysing customer complaints within BME Consulting.

The process includes the recording, analysis and satisfactory resolution of any complaint received either locally or at the corporate centre.

Complaints are reported to the Quality Manager and are discussed at both quality and operational review meetings.

We operate a rolling Quality Performance Programme to continually assess the performance of our staff and compliance with our clients’ requirements.

Bespoke performance programmes are created for our on-site operations to ensure that we measure satisfaction against those service attributes which the client views as critical to business performance.

Benefits of BME Consulting’s Quality Approach

By implementing a quality program that promotes best practice, the benefits to your company are numerous.

Increased customer satisfaction
Reduction of costly mistakes
Focuses attention on continuous improvement culture
Encourages the participation of staff

BME Consulting’s Quality Cycle

Continuous improvement is essential to adding value to any business.

On that basis, we would engage the ideas and opinions of our staff, customers and partners to facilitate the ongoing change management process.

By running Procurement forums, reviewing complimentary and dissatisfaction correspondence and performance statistics, we would be in a position to be reactive and proactive in its approach in implementing change, and ultimately add value to your company.

B3 – Quality Performance Program

Our quality feedback system, the “Quality Performance Program”, focuses on three main areas that provide a forum for three-way communication.

In this way we ensure customer satisfaction from both our clients and field staff.

It consists of three main elements:

Appraisal of our Staff: All procurement staff have their work performance formally appraised at regular intervals.

On day one of the assignment, BME Consulting will contact the User Manager by telephone to ensure that our employee has slotted in right away.

Following this we will periodically invite our clients to appraise the performance of our procurement staff, throughout their assignment.

Satisfaction Review of Tail spend management: Just as we review the performance of our employees, we review client’s requestor satisfaction and well-being, as the two are intrinsically linked.

We ask each client’s requestor, on a regular basis, to rate our service and our ability to effectively meet their needs.

Evaluation of our Service to the Client: Regular review meetings daily working, any changes in requirements, planned/unplanned absences, and operational matters.

These meetings are structured around the regular reporting of a comprehensive set of service level criteria.

By gaining continuous feedback and reviewing performance, we would be in a position to be both reactive and proactive in our approach to implementing change, and ultimately add value to your company.

B4 – Local focus
Our proposed delivery model would support your company through a local focus to your sites.

The BME Consulting branch network infrastructure in each country is designed to offer our customers the range of support services you need to maximize the advantage you can gain from effectively using Tail Spend Outsourcing, regardless of the suppliers required or the location.

Through a multi-site or Global agreement, we will structure our delivery teams on a local level to ensure your local needs are met.

Our local teams are supported on a corporate level by Account managers & Directors responsible for the overall customer relationship and the communication of terms of the agreement / customer information throughout our network.

Regular internal communications and meetings, ensure that our network of branches are all up to speed with customer requirements and service levels, mutually agreed with customers, ensure that the local teams are working against clear targets for service delivery.

BME Consulting’s operation hours are 9:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday. However, they might have to be adapted to the local culture, for instance in terms of opening hours.

Some services, such as 24/7 services are available in some countries but not included in our standard pricing.

We would like to have further discussions regarding this service

We assume that the needs will be different in different business units of your company, and will find solutions that will satisfy local needs. An exclusive arrangement can be negotiated to provide a 7-day service level.

B5 – Measure Quality performance

On a world-wide basis BME Consulting has policy procedures in place to measure its Quality performance.

The purpose of this is to:

Develop/improve our service continuously in line with customer needs

Ensure a consistent quality of service across all locations

Motivate staff to new levels of excellence by recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance service standards.

We have a universal policy in place to ensure BME Consulting is efficient and productive through all services we provide. These covers:

Quality Assurance Procedure 1 – to define how the BME Consulting Quality system is regularly reviewed.

Quality Assurance procedure 2 – to define the methods for the regular internal quality audits of all elements of the BME Consulting Quality System.

Quality Assurance procedure 3 – to ensure maintenance and control of all documentation within BME Consulting.

Quality Assurance procedure 4 – to define the responsibilities and activities for corrective action within BME Consulting.

Quality Assurance procedure 5 – to define the system for processing and analysing customer complaints within BME Consulting.

Throughout these procedures, internal auditors will be look at these areas, and continuously highlight areas that can be improved on.

BME Consulting harnesses the same energy and emphasis we use to train our valuable procurement and administrative employees.

Our commitment toward training our own staff means better service to your company.

Our training offerings address a number of workplace issues, including safety, customer relationships, workforce diversity, error management, sourcing, managing people, sexual harassment, as well as various technical applications.

BME Consulting also offers a host of e-learning courses and instruction-led training to train and develop our staff.

BME Consulting takes great pride in having a defined process to ensure the payment of suppliers is made on time with no discrepancies.

This whole process is available for consultation on demand. This is the operating model:
1. Description of the orders
2. Delivery dates
3. Customer confirmation
4. Calculation and Verification of invoices
5. Verification, control and archives of payments

B6 – Flexibility – Upturn & Downturn

Historically we have had to increase and decrease the size and scope of our supply models in line with customer demand.

1/ Where there is an upturn in customer demand, we would implement the following:

To manage process:

Allocate additional staff from elsewhere in the group (short or long term) – our wide-ranging service means we have experienced staff who can be seconded at short notice
Recruit new external staff
All new recruits to the account would receive full training on processes (we would have a process manual in place to facilitate this)

To increase supply capability:

Engage new sources of supply where necessary and implement commercial arrangements

2/ Where there is a downturn in customer demand, we are able to re-scale our team appropriately:

To manage process:

In conjunction with your company we would agree minimum coverage levels to ensure that the needs of the business are supported
Key staff would be retained to ensure that all ongoing programs were maintained and run effectively
Any staff moving off the account (both short and long-term) would go through an extensive handover process to ensure that business knowledge was retained within the Account Team

To control supply capability:

It is essential that all suppliers are kept well informed during periods of downturn, so that they are aware of developments within your company remain motivated, and keep potential delivery routes open.

If your company needs to scale down the number of orders, we are able to use our position on the market to send our employees to other clients.

B7 – Lead time

Lead times will be largely dependent on the market situation on a regional basis. Our times to fill orders are dependent on the commodity required.

We would be happy to discuss your expectations regarding our turnaround time and that the agreed timescale be included in our Service Level agreement.

There are a number of things that have enabled us to respond quicker to client leads:

Supplier pools – enable us to provide qualified suppliers.
Technology – with our web based or software order management systems called Sourcing Force, we are able to receive requisitions on a 24×7 basis.

This will cut down our response times immensely.

We can forward requisitions to other branches, specialist suppliers, and return feedback to the clients over the internet.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to speed up the processes involved in sourcing suppliers and look to embrace new technology as much as possible.

We would suggest the following turnaround times:

It is our understanding that a request deemed short notice, will be one which requires turnaround within 12 hours or less.

Using our supplier database, we can identify providers who have the skills requested for the assignment and who are able to accommodate a last-minute request.

As part of the implementation phase, each BME Consulting office can work with their local site to define a list of potential commodities likely to have same-day or ASAP requests.

Each office can explore and implement the best possible option for providing suppliers for these demanding requests.

These are standard topics that we include in all our SLA, we would be happy to adapt a customized SLA to your company’s requirements and discuss how they can be incorporated.

Our suggestion is that a French SLA is implemented, containing 5-7 key measurements which can be common in all your company operations and thus subject to country reviews.

Our experience shows that each location will wish to have a specific SLA depending on the type of activity which is being conducted. BME Consulting would like to discuss this further with your company.

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