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BME Consulting


113 Rue Marietton, 69009 Lyon, FRANCE
France & Europe: +33 (0)04 28 29 63 65  /  USA & Canada : +1 (437) 887 4428
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Our group is there to advise you and implement concrete and operational actions. Buy Made Easy is above all a passionate and involved team. But it also has a fierce desire to meet the expectations of our customers.

Buy Made Easy assists companies in rethinking their production and non-production purchases. Listening to the economic, legal and regulatory issues of our clients is our driving force to evolve and anticipate the needs of the market.

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It’s no longer a matter of cutting into the supplier’s margin. It’s about helping him to progress, to increase his competitiveness. And therefore to make their service or production more efficient.

Jérémy Ferrer

Sales Manager at BME
and Purchasing Expert

Buy Made Easy’s culture is based on a strong societal commitment that accompanies each mission. Therefore, we respect and promote the Charter of inter-company relations for responsible purchasing.  

We are therefore committed to:

  • Ensure financial equity with suppliers
  • Promote collaboration between major clients and strategic suppliers
  • Reduce the risks of reciprocal dependence between principals and suppliers
  • Involve major clients in their sector
  • Assess the total cost of the purchase
  • Integrate environmental issues
  • Ensure the territorial responsibility of your company
  • Purchasing: a function and a process
  • A Purchasing function in charge of the overall management of supplier relations
  • Establishing a coherent policy for buyer remuneration

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