The benefits of outsourcing procurement

Optimize your time with Tail Spend procurement outsourcing

No more daily supplier creations, manage a single supplier for maverick purchases.

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How does it work

A simplified procurement outsourcing procedure

By outsourcing your wild purchases, you regain control over your strategic purchases.

Purchase request

Each order is placed with BME for the benefit of a specific seller.

Supplier confirmation

BME request confirmation, deadlines and conditions with suppliers.

Single bill

BME submits an invoice after delivery checks and compliance analyses.

Supplier payment

BME pays the seller in the currency and the agreed payment method.

A simple but strategic change

Why choose Tail Spend procurement outsourcing?

Buy Made Easy has been supporting you in outsourcing your purchases for more than 10 years.


Procurement outsourcing consists in entrusting some or all of a company's purchasing administrative tasks to an external service provider.


Procurement outsourcing must succeed in creating a management model that reduces internal costs while increasing the performance and competitiveness of the company. The company thus manages to obtain a competitive advantage by focusing its teams on Purchasing projects with high added values that are essential to its development.

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+90% of our Customers are satisfied

Performance indicators at all times

We confirm products and services with suppliers with an SLA of 95% compliance.

Refocus the action of Buyers

Focus on Strategic Purchasing

By being your unique entry point, BME allows you to free up precious time for your Buyers and Internal Collaborators.

Supplier sourcing

Search for quotes following the expression of needs of your internal customer.


Compare products from Punchout catalogs within BME online solution.


Management of purchase orders with a negotiated quote; Monitoring of supplier reminders, deadlines and deliveries.

Invoice regularization

Payment of supplier invoices upon receipt of services.

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Say STOP to SPOT buys!

A major player in outsourcing Spot purchases

From the expression of the need to the delivery of the order, BME takes care of the entire procurement process for the management of C-class purchases. You increase the governance of your purchases while simplifying your administrative management.


One contract and one supplier: BME becomes your Master Vendor and pays your suppliers directly.


A single payment term: BME takes care of the various supplier payment methods.


A single contact person: BME becomes your only point of entry for your purchases.

A complete process

Simplifying Purchasing transactions

BME makes it easy for you to make a purchase thanks to its multiple payment methods and the management of administrative declarations.

Virtual bank cards & P-Card

Support for credit card transactions for your purchases.

VAT & Customs

BME takes care of customs declarations and foreign VAT for all purchases.

Electronic invoicing

A single & monthly digital invoice for all your spot purchases.

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Recent purchases

What our customers think

We've helped companies like yours transform their purchasing processes and achieve significant optimizations. Our customer testimonials offer an insight into the benefits you can expect from outsourcing your purchasing to BME.


"We are fully satisfied with the Source-to-Pay suite that BME provides. The solution has met our expectations and continues to evolve positively."

e-Procurement Director

"Before BME, our contracts were managed manually in Excel, which was totally counterproductive for us. Now, everything is automated with BME."

Procurement Manager

"Simplified supplier contract management ordering processes have lowered costs and are driving investment in more strategic actions."

Buy Made Easy adapts to your organization

Benefit from an external purchasing department

1. Purchasing Quality Management

Measuring customer satisfaction is an integral part of our offer. We provide 360 degrees of performance feedback every month. The purpose of this procedure is to define how the BME Consulting Quality System is regularly and systematically reviewed.

2. Human resources specialists in procurement

All staff employed by BME are subject to a rigorous selection and procurement training plan every year. BME Consulting's unique system, the Predicable Performance System, includes a combination of in-depth interviews, an accurate assessment of interpersonal and professional skills, and the referencing of employment history. This system has been designed and validated to match the most appropriate person to the task and work environment. This process ensures that we are targeting the right people for each position.

3. Large-scale supplier sourcing

BME Consulting continues to look for new and better ways to build the best supplier pools for our customers. While we still use a variety of standard methods, like electronic catalogs, supplier portals, supplier portals, or direct sourcing, BME Consulting has found that with increasing competition for qualified suppliers, we need to work with each of our customers at scale to create a much more sophisticated sourcing program for projects that are more difficult to complete.