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What are the stages of the Purchasing Process?

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Discover what are the 6 main stages of the Purchasing Process.

There are tasks that are undoubtedly part of the buyer's daily life. As key steps, they need to be optimized and carried out successfully.

1- Sourcing

Finding suppliers is the first essential step in Purchasing process. It involves rigorous work and a thorough examination of the supplier market. This is in order to constantly remain in line with the needs of the company, and the way in which they evolve.

2- The call for tenders

This is a strategic step that must be entrusted to real professionals. In general, this task is therefore up to a specialized buyer or to the leading buyer. It all depends on how the structure is organized.

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3- Examining applications

Following the launch of the call for tenders and after receiving applications, it will be time to proceed with a rigorous analysis of the various proposals. To do this, it is above all necessary to define elimination criteria and then to carry out a more detailed analysis of the remaining applications.

4- Define an effective reading grid

Once the first analysis has been carried out, various criteria should be used to allow for further examination. Among them, it is possible to mention the overall cost of acquisition, commercial conditions, or everything concerning certification.

5- Negotiation

Once the offers have been selected, negotiations with the suppliers begin. Among the fundamental elements of a successful negotiation lies in gaining the trust of the interlocutor and motivating him to start a collaboration.

6- Drafting the contract

Often considered to be the most delicate step, The implementation of the contract requires great vigilance. Indeed, as it is a legal relationship, it can be deduced that a possible commitment will have serious consequences.

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