Amazon Business integrates the Sourcing Force platform

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Olivier Audino
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The integration of the Amazon Business platform on Sourcing Force

Amazon Business, the new free and easy to use service from the American e-commerce company Amazon, is now available in France. It is a marketplace that offers many advantages to its users, especially to sellers. Among other things, the service offers an opportunity for salespeople to reach businesses of all types and sizes.

Sourcing Force and Amazon Business

The solution eAchat Sourcing Force by Buy Made Easy proposes the integration of the Amazon Business service on its platform. Thanks to this program, buyers will benefit from a simplified purchase, a reduced cost and, above all, a considerable saving of time. Amazon Business also offers a particular feature: it is the integration of procurement management solution. This solution makes it even easier to integrate the buying process.

Amazon Business: the benefits

As for buyers: Amazon Business offers a wide range of products, a quantity discount, and a free delivery option. An automated validation process for decision makers is also highlighted in this program. Amazon Business offers a complete offer. But also very advantageous: for example, the display of prices excluding VAT, payment on account after 30 days.

Amazon Business and Sourcing Force are two additional tools that allow buyers to focus more on what is strategic for them.

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