Procurement strategy

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Procurement strategy

C1 — Resource Attraction — Buyer Team

To ensure that we can respond consistently and effectively to all the requirements of your business, we will use a diverse range of recruitment channels, including

Media advertising — We publish regular announcements throughout the year to maintain a supply pool of personnel to meet the demands of our customers.
Our network of subsidiaries — We have a strong presence of subsidiaries across Europe.
Government initiatives — BME Consulting is a partner of numerous governmental initiatives in Europe.
The Internet
Specialized publications
Specific demographic targeting
Downsizing and external redeployment — We work with local businesses that are implementing large-scale redundancy programs in order to reintegrate their laid off employees into the world of work.

Équipe d'acheteurs

C2 — BME Consulting Staff Selection Process — Buyer Team

All personnel employed by us at your company sites will have met our rigorous selection requirements.

BME Consulting's unique system, the Predicable Performance System, includes a combination of in-depth interviews, an accurate assessment of interpersonal and professional skills, and the referencing of employment histories. This system was designed and validated to match the most appropriate person to the task and the work environment.

This process is flexible and if your business has specific requirements for assessment tests or qualifications, we will adapt our selection process to ensure that we are targeting the right people for each position.

Our predictable performance program ensures that we are looking for quality candidates based on our clients' requirements. This process includes

Pre-selection — We apply a screening procedure that allows us to determine if people meet certain criteria in terms of professional status, skills, availability and commitment to work, as well as previous professional experience.

Filling out the application form — We are in a position to provide an objective recruitment service thanks to our standardized application form. All selected candidates are required to complete the form by providing information about their personal data, education, qualifications, employment history, a summary of their skills, and professional and personal references. The application form is filled out on our premises and then forms the basis for the interview.

A structured, one-on-one interview with a qualified consultant — As our interview focuses as much on the candidate's aspirations as on their professional background, we are in a position to guarantee excellent levels of retention, even in today's very tight job market. The interview is also structured to define work experience, business skills, interests, attitudes, and interpersonal skills, allowing us to precisely meet your needs.

Conducting skills assessments and appropriate training — Productivity levels, job performance, and job satisfaction can all be accurately predicted through our skills measurement exercises. These have been designed and validated by the industry in collaboration with some of our main customers.

Briefing — To ensure the commitment of our staff to your business, all our employees are subject to a detailed briefing prior to assignment, which also describes our obligations to them as an employer, which is an important aid to retention.

References — In addition to validating the information gathered during the interview, references can be used as a recruitment indicator to assess the suitability of a person to work with you. We will obtain satisfactory verbal (telephone) professional and/or academic references covering the last two years of employment or studies.

Équipe d'acheteurs

C3 — Monitoring staff performance

BME Consulting can ensure that a procurement pool is ready and filled with the best people for your Tail expense management. By sharing your existing knowledge, BME Consulting can integrate industry best practices with already functioning tactics and a reinvigorated referral program to provide the caliber of candidate your business needs on an ongoing basis.

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