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C1 – Resources attraction

To ensure we can consistently and effectively fulfill all of your company’s requirements we would use a diverse range of recruitment channels including:

Media Advertising – We advertise regularly throughout the year to maintain a pool of procurement staff to meet our clients’ demands.

Our Branch Network – We have a strong branch presence across Europe.

Government Initiatives – BME Consulting are partners in many government initiatives across Europe.

The Internet
Specialist Publications
Specific Demographic Targeting

Downsizing and Outplacement – We work with local companies going through large scale redundancy programs to place their redundant workers back out into the world of work.

Resources attraction

C2 – BME Consulting Staff Selection Process

All staff employed by us at your company locations will have met our vigorous selection requirements.

BME Consulting’s unique system the Predicable Performance System incorporates a combination of in-depth interviewing, accurate assessment of interpersonal and work skills, and referencing of previous work history.

This has been designed and validated to match the most appropriate person to the job task and working environment.

This process is flexible and should your company have specific assessment test or qualification requirements we will incorporate adapt our screening process to ensure we are targeting the right individuals for each role.

Our Predictable Performance Program ensures that we source quality candidates against our clients’ requirements.

This process includes

Pre-screening – We operate a pre-screening procedure where we identify whether people meet certain criteria in terms of employment status, skills, availability and a commitment to work, allied to their previous work experience.

Application form completion – We are able to deliver an objective recruitment service as a result of our standardized application form.

All selected applicants are required to complete the form giving information on personal details, education, qualifications, work history, summary of skills, business and personal references.

The application form is completed on our premises, and subsequently forms the basis for the interview.

A structured, one to one interview with a trained consultant – Because our interview concentrates as much on the candidate’s aspirations as their work history, we are able to ensure excellent retention levels, even in today’s tight labour market.

The interview is also structured to define work experience, business skills, interests, attitudes, and interpersonal skills, allowing us to accurately match your needs.

Completion of appropriate skill assessments and training – Productivity levels, job performance and job satisfaction can all be accurately forecast using our skill measurement exercises.

These were designed for and validated by industry in conjunction with some of our key clients.

Briefing – To ensure commitment to your company from our people, all our staff will go through a detailed pre – assignment briefing, which will also outline our obligations to them as their employer, a key retention aid.

Referencing – As well as validating the information garnered from our interview, references can act as a recruitment signpost in assessing someone’s suitability to work with you.

We will obtain satisfactory verbal (telephone) business and / or academic references to cover the preceding 2 years of employment or education.

Staff performance tracking

C3 – Staff performance tracking

BME Consulting can ensure a procurement pool is ready and filled with the best people for your Tail spend management.

By sharing your existing knowledge, BME Consulting can integrate industry best practices with already functional tactics and a reenergized referral program to deliver the calibre of candidate your company requires on an ongoing basis.

Map your purchases with the Kraljic matrix

Kraljic matrix

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